Confident on two wheels
Teaching kids the use of foot-scooters and bicycles through a playful approach
Kids can cycle – that’s self-evident!

We want to give children that did not learn how to cycle or are still feeling very insecure on a bike, the opportunity to master the use of the bicycle in the course of week-long training-class.

The classes are being led by a certified teacher of the organization  “Radfahrlehrerverband moveo • ergo • sum”.

The exercises are based on a comprehensive concept that is founded psychologically, didactically as well as on sports science.

The classes will be held in German, Luxembourgish and French.

We offer a safe space to kids where they can follow their natural strategies to develop their skills and intuitions.

Through exercises and games the kids will be invited and stimulated to discover, to move, to dare and to try - the complex capacity to drive a bike safely will be developed through these activities.

The course is based on games, exercises and trainings on the bike and is targeted for children from the age of 8 and onwards.

It’s through the use of foot-scooters and bikes in combination with the games that the kids will naturally learn to stay safely in the saddle.

Location of the courses: city of Luxembourg in a protected environment outside.

Courses 2018

Monday, 23rd  July  until  Friday, 27th July 2018

9:00 - 11:30

Participation fee: 85,- €

The course is targeted at children age 8 and above.

Information and registration:
  • With this form
  • Email to veloschoulvelolu
  • Phone (00352) 43 90 30 29 - Fax (00352) 20 40 30 29
  • LVI - Lėtzebuerger Vėlos-Initiativ a.s.b.l.
    6 rue Vauban, L-2663 Luxembourg
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